Tuesday, January 1, 2019

YOU’RE DEAD by Chris Knopf

Human nature is a mystery in itself, and many people underestimate the resourcefulness of the loner. This is true of Jack Reacher, and also Dr. Waters, the first person company psychologist at the heart of YOU’RE DEAD by Chris Knopf. When the company owner Paresh Rajput dies, Dr. Waters is suddenly suddenly under suspicion, (as Dr. Richard Kimble was in The Fugitive, starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, based on the novel by Roy Huggins, originally a TV series starring David Janssen. Huggins was one of the creators of Maverick and The Rockford Files as well.) Waters picks up both stalkers and hired guns, with cops and alluring female executives in on the mix, and with a billion dollars on the line related to high tech and artificial intelligence. What those trailing him don’t understand is that Waters, a former autistic child, is highly skilled as a former wrestler and weight lifter. He is also relentless, as Reacher is, with poker as one of his skills. So the plot is high finance, aerospace, and massive money versus a flawed loner with the ability to read intent by mere observation. They picked the wrong man to frame. Read by VoiceArts winner Kevin Kenerly, whose spot-on narration amplifies the mood without venturing anywhere near melodrama, the audiobook version is a must-hear. Noir? Knopf has been compared to everyone from Raymond Chandler, Elmore Leonard, Ross MacDonald, and John D. Macdonald. He is also author of “Two Time” and “A Billion Ways to Die,” among many others. For border wall intrigue, Ray Porter reads “The Border” by Don Winslow, book three of the Cartel series, and Book Two is going to film as well, directed by Ridley Scott. Sign up to Audiobooks Today for more news and new titles.

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