Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Puppet Master by Ronald S. Barak

THE PUPPET MASTER by Ronald S. Barak is a new prequel to his “The Amendment Killer,” a political thriller set in Washington DC. If the system is fixed or “rigged,” there are those willing to kill to set it right. Or left. It is described as “a gripping story ripped from the headlines.” Pipe bombs and politics figure into the plot of Barak’s novel, forecasting events to follow, he says. (As did my Postmarked for Death, endorsed by Clive Cussler--whose latest is SEA OF GREED--and originally recorded by Frank Muller as “Postal,” about a serial bomber attacking immigration offices in Tucson.) A homicide detective named Lotello is tasked to find the killer, eventually making a White House connection. There is a court trial, angry citizens, abuse of trust, and various points of view brought to bear in an intriguing plot as three leaders are murdered in as many days. (As in the movie Collateral, by hitman Tom Cruise, although that movie focused on one frenetic night and a gun.) Narrator Edward Bauer is an LA actor with theatre experience. The NY Times praised him for his performance about a conflicted bomber. He’s boom boom good. 
An audiobook I’m looking forward to is FINDING DOROTHY by Elizabeth Letts, author of “The Perfect Horse.” Interview HERE. "We're not in Kansas anymore." --Avatar

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