Thursday, June 29, 2017


Is John McEnroe an evil dictator sexist/racist bastard, or what? Answer: he’s not, and his new book BUT SERIOUSLY suggests what.  (Outside of sports, he’s just a narcissist, learning to be more open and thoughtful. Publicity savvy too.) From the publisher: “But Seriously is provocative and legendary tennis star and expert commentator/analyst John McEnroe’s long-awaited follow-up to his last bestseller. Over a decade after his #1 bestselling book You Cannot Be Serious, John McEnroe is finally back and ready to talk once again. Since his hit book, he’s maintained a huge presence announcing at tennis’s majors, has guest starred in TV shows like 30 Rock and Curb Your Enthusiasm, and has been competing on the court, winning ATP Tour of Champions tournaments and playing in special events, exhibitions, and charity events around the globe. The beloved, controversial, and respected tennis legend reveals even more from his life and career with the signature style that has made him the enduring cultural figure and icon he is.” Thoughts? Narrated by John McEnroe. BTW, if Serena Williams played Roger Federer, what would be the score, and does it really matter?  
Song lyric: "Everybody wants to rule the world." (Tears for Fears) Maybe so, but not going to happen. Little matter of the rest of the world complaining. And bombing. Whether you are a scientist or a poet, pro–nuclear energy or staunch opponent, conspiracy theorist or pragmatist, James Mahaffey serves up the world of nuclear science like never before. With clear explanations of some of the most complex scientific endeavors in history, Mahaffey’s new book ATOMIC ADVENTURES, narrated on audio by Keith Sellon-Wright, is a look back at the atom’s wild, secretive past and then toward its potentially bright future. Covered: explosions on Pacific islands, and trees that were exposed to active fission that changed gender or bloomed in the dead of winter. Russian secret dosing of opponents as murder weapon. Other similar incidents by civilians in the USA. (Any of dozens of isotopes were slipped into pockets or placed on desks, causing hellish deaths up to a month later.) He explains why we have nuclear submarines but not nuclear aircraft, and why cold fusion doesn’t yet exist. And who knew that radiation counting was once a fashionable trend? Mahaffey’s vivid prose holds the reader in thrall of the infectious energy of scientific curiosity and ingenuity that may one day hold the key to solving our energy needs. Will one breakthrough supply cheap limitless energy to everyone, pollution free? Should that developer be allowed to patent the process and charge near current rates, becoming a Trillionaire overnight? "Everybody wants to rule the world..."

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