Friday, November 18, 2016

FLYOVERS by Jeffrey Sweet (and other Dramas over America)

FLYOVERS is a relevant flashback drama that deserves a listen (as do many audio dramas produced by LA Theatre Works.) A renowned film critic returns to his small Ohio hometown for a high school reunion—and to make peace with his past. The town and most of his former classmates, including the school bully, have fallen on hard times, and the successful critic soon finds himself caught up in a culture clash of economics, sex and long-submerged resentment. A winner of the Joseph Jefferson Award for best new script. An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring Amy Morton, William Petersen, Linda Reiter and Marc Vann. The Los Angeles theatre company is world renowned for live drama performed radio style in front of an audience, employing many Hollywood regulars from John Lithgow and Lawrence Fishburne to Annette Benning and Hilary Swank. I once met Marsha Mason and theatre director Susan Albert Loewenberg at the Audie Awards, and their productions of plays by dramatists from Yasmina Reza to David Mamet to Neil Simon in their own venue are augmented by traveling programs in their Touring Program. Having written and co-produced a number of short radio dramas myself, I can relate to the fact that there is much work in post production to such plays, but they’re much fun, especially for audiences (and on audio as downloads.) Audio movies can be even more effective than visual movies, since you visualize (and exercise) your mind in the process. Support literacy by purchasing directly from small providers like this one instead of the media giants that spy you and sell your personal data to third parties. (You know who they are. Bigger isn’t better, anymore. Ask the author of Antifragile about that!)

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