Friday, December 11, 2015

A Brief History of Creation audiobook

Bill Mesler and H.J. Cleaves have written a fascinating book about science and the search for the origin of life titled A BRIEF HISTORY OF CREATION. Read by the always engaging Sean Runnette, whose facility in reading is to create curiosity via tone and a natural, personable style, the audiobook delineates the past and present approaches to fossils, dinosaurs, and the origin of life on Earth. Some surprising things are learned about Darwin, including that he didn’t want to include references to man arising from apes. He was a Christian who ultimately became agnostic, and felt such guilt over the implications of Origin of Species that he first included phrases/references to God to mollify his critics and the firestorm of reaction. These phrases were dropped in the third edition, partly due to other scientists who insisted he not equivocate. He was almost beaten to the theory of natural selection by another scientist who had put the pieces together independently, while, curiously, the major theory of the time (disproven later) was spontaneous generation of life for all species, not what was ultimately arrived at: the accent from a common ancestor. The idea of life arriving on asteroids is examined at length, too, with various examples of investigations conducted on meteorites found in Antarctica and elsewhere. No matter what one believes, there can be little doubt that Darwin and other scientists involved in the quest did not have an “agenda” which was inflexible, but rather bent their beliefs according to the evidence they found. 


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