Thursday, October 29, 2015

Processed Meats: What Science Books Say

"To meat or not to meat, that is the question..." It's in the news, but the decision is yours. Or is it? Advertising affects subconscious decision making. Coke and McDonalds exploit this. Listen to these audiobooks and the following becomes evident: 1) Meat is much more costly to the environment. 2) Processed meat is worse for your health than unprocessed. 3) Low fat diets are not healthy, and often don't work. 4) Saturated fat is not bad, and there is no link to heart disease as was taught for decades. "The Big Fat Surprise." Only trans-saturated (processed or burned) fats are bad. 5) Cheap meat is anything BUT cheap: hormones and chemicals added, subsidized by taxpayers, factory farm cruelty, rising health care costs, etc. "Meatonomics." 6) 96% of meat sold is in that category. 7) Nitrates are not the only contributing factor in cancer. Other additives, and the cooking and curing process too. Sugar is cancer friendly, too. 8) Vitamins are overused in America to the tune of billions as a means to supplement poor nutrition, but they are a poor substitute for whole, natural food. Cheap vitamins may be fake, as they are unregulated. "Vitamania."  

Some new fiction tities that seem interesting to me, but I’ve not had time to hear yet include the ones above and these: SLADE HOUSE by David Mitchell (author of the amazing Cloud Atlas; read by Thomas Judd and Tania Rodrigues); NIGHT MUSIC by John Connolly, read by a full cast); GOLDEN AGE by Jane Smiley, read by Lorelei King (who narrates Janet Evanovich); THE BLUNDERER by Patricia Highsmith (new to audio, read by Robert Fass); A STRANGENESS IN MY MIND by Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk, read by the always great John Lee).  

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