Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Flicker Men by Ted Kosmatka

The Flicker Men by Ted Kosmatka is a well written science fiction novel incorporating the strangeness of quantum theory. A disgraced young scientist is given a second chance by joining a team of researchers on a trail basis. If they prove themselves, they’ll be offered full jobs. (Kinda like auditions on AGT…how good an act will yours be?) Eric Argus is one of these guys, and what he does besides drinking and socializing is a “look busy” experiment that recreates the famous “double-slit” physics experiment in which particles decide their fate based on an observer’s seeing or recording them. Astonishingly, he notices that only people can collapse the field into a decisive pattern, while animals cannot. This proves that human consciousness is unique, and the soul may be real. What he discovers next, involving very rare people who do not collapse the field, is scary and provocative, involving the nature of reality, religion, time, space, and the mysterious “flicker men” who realize he knows too much. Narrator Keith Szarabajka is the perfect arbiter of the story’s moods, his nicotine voice a presence that chooses its pattern naturally, without pretense. This is a high concept audio novel written as if James Patterson were co-authoring with a physicist like Stephen Hawking. Recommended for anyone with interests in science, scifi, and suspense!  
If you prefer comic book style SF, Guardians of the Galaxy has an audio novel based on the movie. Decisions, decisions...

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