Wednesday, May 27, 2015

TRAVELS by Michael Crichton

TRAVELS by Michael Crichton is the 1988 autobiography of the novelist and screenwriter as he travels the world, giving his recollections, notes, and ideas from the Mayan pyramids to the African jungles. Fascinating and personal, it reveals the inners thoughts of one of the most successful writers of all time. On audio here for the first time, so you can listen as YOU travel, or walk, or cook!

THE SECOND MACHINE AGE won an Audie Award in Science and Technology, and shows how the future just might not be like Hollywood imagines. The book examines IT (information technology) and computer science, which is the new industrial revolution. The first revolution to change the world was advances in physical strength by machines doing the work of mankind. (Steam engine to gas engine.) Now it is brain power and efficiency of production using computers. The authors argue that this is a great plus for humanity, but that it favors those with skills, and increases income disparity between rich and poor. So the future may be like the movie Elysium. Education and adaptability to change are key. "The past is no guide to understanding what the world will become." 

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