Tuesday, August 5, 2014


A biography of English prime minister Tony Blair is titled A JOURNEY--MY POLITICAL LIFE, which covers, among other things, the Princess Di tensions with the Queen. Ken Follett has released book the final book of his epic trilogy THE CENTURY, titled EDGE OF ETERNITY. In all, five families are followed through the twentieth century, shaping and being shaped by events. The families are American, German, Russian, English, and Welsh, and here include orphaned Russian brothers, a boy miner, a law student, and a housekeeper, among others. Sure to garner fans, the epic first novel is over 30 hours long on audio, narrated by the always precise and engaging actor John Lee, who also did Follett's "Pillars of the Earth" and "World Without End."

The 19th Century musical love triangle between Robert and Clara Schumann (and Johannes Brahms) is brought to empathetic life in BELOVED CLARA, letters compiled and commented upon by Lucy Parham, who also joins the prestigious cast of Rosalind Ayres and Martin Jarvis. Interludes of piano music by Schumann separate the exchanges. A must for classical music lovers. Let's hope L.A. Theatre Works will also bring the letters of Chopin to life one day.

KILLING MONICA by Candace Bushnell
Also, Cassandra Campbell reads JULIET, which merges past with present, as the protagonist wonders whether she's now to be the next victim of a centuries old blood feud.

The Miraculous Plot, released in 2012 on audio.

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  1. Clever idea, someone should have thought of this long ago.