Saturday, June 28, 2014


Sandra Brown should be on the front covers of her own romance novels, as you see in this experimental replacement. Not every romance author could get away with this. Another is Julie Garwood. (Hey, I’m a guy, so I don’t care to see beefy airhead jocks wearing loincloths!) Sandra Brown’s early novels were very romantic, (but still with an edge), and publishers are now bringing back the early ones to audio for the first time. (Later, Sandra slipped into something a tad less comfortable, with action, adventure, and even murder on her mind, in this “romantic suspense” genre.) One of the early examples is the newly re-released SUNSET EMBRACE, as read by Ellen Archer. This is historical fiction, an intimate story of survival set on a wagon train. I asked the narrator how she approaches characters in romantic suspense differently from straight mystery. Ellen Archer: “When recording romantic suspense, I tend to focus on creating chemistry between the characters who are in relationship. I think it's important for the listener to invest in the romance as much as the suspense and not just hear it as an obligatory sex scene, but as an viable part of the story.” Archer should know. She also reads SECOND HONEYMOON by James Patterson. My interview with both Brown and Patterson appear at this site. As for Patterson appearing on his books, I think he's happy with the back cover. Ya think? 

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