Sunday, April 21, 2013


THE BORGIAS by G.J. Meyer is a fascinating journey into the actual history of the times of this ruling family, of the Papacy, and of Italy (and Europe) itself during the late Middle Ages. The truth is often less sensational (and sometimes more sensational) than is portrayed by the TV series. It is certainly more interesting, as the complexity of politics and religion intertwine with the ambitions of often unscrupulous men, who define themselves by whom they have conquered and subjugated. What emerges, after throwing new light on the popular myths about the Borgias, is broader in scope than simple greed and power games, and one is led to questions about human nature and the evolution of corruption. Enn Reitel reads the audiobook version, which is 20 hours in length. Be prepared to learn a lot more than you would watching an entire season of the Showtime series.

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