Friday, March 15, 2013

Randy Wayne White to Danielle Trussoni to Jenny Milchman

The character of Doc Ford revisits history in MANGROVE LIGHTNING by Randy Wayne White. In NIGHT MOVES the setting is also Sanibel Island, Florida, (where, incidentally, White hangs out at the Doc Ford Rum Bar & Grille.) The plot involves a murder attempt on Doc or his buddy, both of whom have secrets that prevent them from going to the police. The intrigue is that it relates to the disappearance of five Navy planes in the Bermuda Triangle in 1945. What's an accident here, and who is targeting whom? White is skilled writer focused more on character and motivation than on chase scenes and knife jabs in the dark (like, say, James Patterson.) For this reason, his style may not appeal to those who bore easily, or consume a lot of TV pablum. But for those who prefer the thoughtful, inquisitive unfolding of a storyline, his writing is ideal. Veteran narrator George Guidall reads the novel, and is again ideal for this approach. (Has anyone in the industry recorded more books? I don't think so. Guidall has surpassed 800 unabridged books in his career. When and if he reaches 1000, you're going to see him on the Evening news.) Several other notable new novels on audio are ANGELOPOLIS by Danielle Trussoni, narrated by Edoardo Ballerini, a continuation of the bestseller Angelology, which exploits the mythical battles of hybrid angels (instead of the usual demons or Vampires vs. Lycans.) Ballerini is a gifted reader whose accolades include Audible's 2012 Audiobook of the Year. THE STRIKER is one of the new Clive Cussler novels, this time teamed with Justin Scott to tell a detective Isaac Bell story set in the coal mines of the early 20th Century. Narrator is once again Scott Brick (see interview at this site.) And Jenny Milchman picks up Cassandra Campbell as interpreting narrator for her thriller and first novel COVER OF SNOW, about a policeman's wife whose husband has committed suicide in upstate New York, without discernible reason, having made love to her the previous night. When she tries to find out why, she gets only resistance from his friends, his colleagues, his mother. What are they hiding? Reader Campbell has the ability to find that perfect balance between living in the character's shoes and engagingly guiding the listener on their path to the chilling truth.

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