Saturday, March 23, 2013

Manuscript Found in Accra by Paulo Coelho

MANUSCRIPT FOUND IN ACCRA by Paulo Coelho, narrated with sensitivity and equanimity by actor Jeremy Irons, is a novel set in Jerusalem in 1099, in which a wise man known as the Copt (or Egyptian) addresses the townspeople to answer their questions about life, beauty, love, and death. In ways it is similar to Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet," in both structure, length, and content, and is by the author of The Alchemist. To order his latest, ADULTERY, click here. THE SPARK by Kristine Barnett, as read by Kathe Mazur, has the subtitle of "A Mother's Story of Nurturing Genius," and relates a very personal account of a woman's raising an autistic child according to what she believed he could do instead of what he couldn't. Her son is Jacob, whose extraordinary high I.Q. have experts believing he could someday change the world's understanding of physics. Discussions with Jacob are included on the audiobook. BROTHERS EMANUEL by Ezekiel J. Emanuel tells the true story of three brothers, one of whom is mayor of Chicago, while the other is a top agent in Hollywood. Ezekiel himself is a doctor, professor, and adviser to Obama on health policy. He also reads this memoir about his high-achieving siblings. Terry Brooks has a new fantasy, BLOODFIRE QUEST, book two of THE DARK LEGACY OF SHANNARA. The always engaging English actress Rosalyn Landor narrates. See interview with Brooks at this site. THE SMART ONE by Jennifer Close, as read by Rebecca Lowman, concerns female siblings and their rivalries as they return to their childhood home in their thirties to refill the "empty nest" of their disappointed parents during hard times. FIRSTHAND by Ryan and Josh Shook is about finding your own authentic faith instead of simply opting into it due to familial or cultural affiliations. The authors read. The literary novel THE BURGESS BOYS is new from award-winning writer Elizabeth Strout, about two brothers whose problems blossom when they return home to Maine to help their sister with her troubled son. The always empathetic Cassandra Campbell narrates. Finally, FROZEN SOLID is a solid new suspense offering from James M. Tabor (see interview this site), about the potential for global terror arising from within a research facility at the South Pole, where bodies are beginning to pile up. Paul Michael, who read The DaVinci Code on audio, also narrates here.   

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