Tuesday, March 5, 2013

LEAN IN by Sheryl Sandberg

Kathe Mazur reads EIGHTY DAYS by Matthew Goodman, an audiobook you'll love if you like the show The Amazing Race. It's the historical account of two journalists who left New York on Nov. 14, 1889 in opposite directions to see if they could circle the globe first in less than 80 days (as described in the H.G. Wells novel.) Nellie Bly was a reporter for the Pulitzer newspaper World, and Elizabeth Bisland wrote for The Cosmopolitan. One starts out by boat, the other train. Along the way are untold (until now) adventures, and by all possible means at the time. Sandra Day O'Connor has written a book about the history of the Supreme Court titled OUT OF ORDER in which the lives of the Chief Justices and others on the highest court in the United States are revealed. Her unique perspective shows why the court must rule from a longer perspective than any one political administration, while telling the stories of the figures that have influenced the judicial branch, from Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. to John Roberts. Customs and traditions are covered, as well as personal reflections on some of the great decisions made, controversial or otherwise. A bonus reading of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution is included, and the audiobook is read by O'Connor herself. WAVE by Sonali Deraniyagala, as read by Hannah Curtis, is the true account of a Sri Lankan professional woman who lost her parents, husband, and two sons in the disastrous tsunami of December of 2004. The harrowing story is told from many perspectives of time as she grows to understand the meaning of her life, before and after. And RAISING CUBBY by John Elder Robison is the offbeat and unusual true story of a father with Asperger's syndrome raising a precocious geek son who later became a gifted chemist wrongly targeted by a prosecutor who wanted to pin him with terrorist-like crimes. Both funny and wise, the audiobook is narrated by the author, who champions people with autism and other neurological disorders. BLACK DAHLIA AVENGER by Steve Hodel is by the son of the killer, who believes he has solved the case. Finally, LEAN IN by Sheryl Sandberg is the memoir of the COO of Facebook (formerly with Google) who challenges women to take on more leadership roles in business and politics...to be more assertive while maintaining their integrity. It's read by Elisa Donovan for women on the go. A sequel is LEAN IN FOR GRADUATES. And of course her new book Plan B.

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