Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Great Cholesterol Myth by Jonny Bowden and Stephen Sinatra

How angry would you be to discover that for decades your doctor has been lying to you about the causes of heart disease while in the pocket of giant pharmaceutical companies? Granted, many doctors are unaware of the facts regarding this case of criminal deception, and so the word "lying" could be substituted with the phrase "ignorant of nutritional science." The startling reality of the matter, regardless, is more relevant to you (and whether you live or die) than any revelation reported by the major news networks, equivalent to hearing about some football player lying about his girlfriend (by networks who are in the pocket of junk food companies.) What is the crime here? For that, you'd need to go back in time to when the link was first established between saturated fat and heart disease, detailed in THE GREAT CHOLESTEROL MYTH by Dr. Jonny Bowden and Dr. Stephen Sinatra. As narrated by George K. Wilson on audio, this audiobook reveals that the original study making this link was not merely flawed but purposefully selective. Today, scientists are learning that there is no connection. In fact, fully 2/3rds of those people now taking statin drugs to control cholesterol do not need to do so, and may, in fact, be harming themselves. Your brain, which ironically is inundated by a news media supported by processed food manufacturers on the one hand (who cause diseases) and by bad pharma on the other hand (who purport to cure those same diseases), is actually 1/3rd cholesterol itself! Cholesterol is needed (and is also produced) by the body, so lowering blood levels of cholesterol can result in memory loss and loss of energy. Truth is, there is more than just two kinds of cholesterol, but four. And the key to their relationship in terms of heart disease is not the connection to saturated fats but to trans-fats and sugar. Where do you find trans-fats and sugar? In processed foods that make money for junk food advertisers, requiring pills from pill advertisers when you eat too much. (And we do. Americans have the highest rates of disease in the world related to diet.) Our low fat diet is killing us because fat is not the culprit, sugar is. We consume more processed carbs and 50 times more high fructose corn syrup (primarily in soda) than European countries whose Mediterranean diet (which includes more fats) is healthier. Sugar is what turns cholesterol bad. Read that last sentence again. And again. Then listen to the audiobook to find out why, along with what you can do lower your risk of heart attack, especially if you have belly fat (an indicator of insulin resistance), are sedentary, and/or have high triglycerides. 

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