Friday, September 21, 2012

Who Moved My TV?

WHO MOVED MY TV? That's the question for a befuddled bachelor named Conner Lemming, who has been watching way too much television, particularly sports. But there's another kind of game afoot as two sewer rats invade his house and develop an inverse intelligence ratio with Conner: The more he watches the boob tube the dumber he gets, while they get smarter and begin to pretend it's his deceased ex wife haunting him. (Which also explains the missing cheese.) Narrator Christopher Vournazos is the best possible narrator for this fantasy novella, as he employs a diligent and well nuanced interpretation of the characters, human or otherwise. Tone, timing, and dramatic effect are skillfully brought to bear in order to bring the fable to life. Inspired by Ray Bradbury, it's a "must-share" with anyone who should be reading instead of watching the idiot box all the time!

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