Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Auschwitz Escape by Joel C. Rosenberg

The nightmare scenario of Iran with nukes and Israel about to strike is explored in THE TEHRAN INITIATIVE by Joel C. Rosenberg (whose novel THE AUSCHWITZ ESCAPE can be sampled at this link.) Narrated by Christopher Lane, the Tehran novel's premise is that the promised Twelfth Imam has been declared, and he's a war hawk raising the hopes of radicals everywhere that Jews can finally be exterminated (carrying on the work of Hitler.) A CIA operative is sent from the U.S. to sabotage the nukes before the fatal first strike. Christopher Lane is the ideal narrator (as he was in previous Rosenberg novels) to bring the action to "audio movie" life, since his deep and dramatic voice is aided by an awareness of tone, story arc, and character accents (particularly middle Eastern.) Lane knows how to maintain suspense, and he keeps the urgency of his narration flowing as a news anchor might reporting these scenes. Can this happen as described? Certainly. Sadly, most Americans, (as Rosenberg notes in his latest non-fiction economic collapse book IMPLOSION), are pretty much ignorant regarding religious wars (and their costs). What are we looking at instead? Sports. That's our religion. While we watch ball games on the boob tube, others compete against us and win. What did bin Laden attack? The World Trade Center. He knew that the way to defeat America was through economics. Take away our manufacturing edge and jobs, and the real game is OVER. 

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