Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DEARIE by Bob Spitz (and other new releases)

Julia Child, the queen mother of the Cooking Channel and the Food Network, has an epic new biography out titled DEARIE by Bob Spitz (author of The Beatles.) Read by stage actress Kimberly Farr, this insightful and often delightful examination of the life of a foodie icon comes in at over a full day of listening (sunrise to sunrise). There is more here about Julia, and her transformation of American culture through French cuisine, than has been published in all other venues---books and films---combined. She became an icon, but who she really was remained untold until now.   HOSTAGE by Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel is the personal true story of Shaltiel Feigenberg, who was abducted from his Brooklyn home and used as barter for the release of jailed Palestinians. It's read by Mark Bramhall. Jonathan Kozol's FIRE IN THE ASHES details twenty-five years among the poorest children in America, read by Keythe Farley. On the fiction front, THE INN AT ROSE HARBOR by Debbie Macomber is a novel about a woman who opens a bed-and-breakfast, and witnesses the lives and loves of her first guests. Janet Evanovich reader Lorelei King narrates. THE MAP OF LOST MEMORIES by Kim Fay is about a museum curator named Irene Blum who invades the domain usually reserved for Indiana Jones clones to battle temple robbers and a nightclub owner to uncover the secret history of Cambodia's Khmer civilization. Actress Karyn O'Bryant reads. Two very different end of civilization takes are 12.21, a thriller by Dustin Thomason (coauthor of The Rule of Four) about a disease with a Mayan link that could be why theirs (and now our) civilization vanished. Narrators are Fred Sanders and Noel R. Bearheart. THE DOG STARS by adventure writer Peter Heller includes a flu that isolates a misanthropic pilot to an airfield until he hears a radio signal that inspires him to fly his Cessna past the point of no return. Mark Deakins narrates. The latest Star Wars novel is X WING MERCY KILL by Aaron Allston, set in the latest Legacy era, as a new Wraith Squadron mission involving a traitor pulls them back into action. The multi-talented Marc Thompson performs, aided by sound effects. Fantasy takes flight in WARDS of FAERIE: THE DARK LEGACY OF SHANNARA by Terry Brooks, read by the superb Rosalyn Landor. This is an epic of the Four Lands, when the Druid order faces extinction, and some powerful Elfstones have surfaced to be sought by both friends and foes. Finally, GOODBYE FOR NOW by Laurie Frankel is the offbeat and original story of a man who invents an internet dating algorithm that succeeds so well that it leads to RePose, a service that creates lifelike computer simulations of the recently deceased so that mourners can say the goodbye they missed saying. With sci-fi, romance, and artificial intelligence in the mix, this August release is another keeper. Kirby Heyborne reads. (Oh, and by the way, never go by subjective reviews at Audible...what faceless reviewers don't tell you is they may harbor hidden grudges against authors, against society, and against anyone who doesn't watch Ultimate Cage Fighting.)

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