Sunday, July 22, 2012

Super Immunity by Joel Fuhrman

In addition to the extraordinary expense of maintaining military operations worldwide, the U.S. economy is being depressed by escalating medical costs associated with diabetes, heart disease, and cancer treatments. We pay more than anyone else to maintain an unhealthy lifestyle as we're inundated by junk food commercials. Dr. Joel Fuhrman has the solution in SUPER IMMUNITY, but can we kick our bad habits before the quicksand of debt envelopes our obese body-politic? The audiobook is read by Ned Sparrow, and includes recipes and meal plans on an accompanying PDF. It reveals secrets to staying free of colds and flu (secrets because most media and doctors are not taught these things or don't reveal them...Dr. Oz is another exception.) Immune building compounds are simply not present in most of the foods Americans eat on the run, and damage is done to cells when waste products build up due to a lack of nutrition. The book will get you to thinking about the true cost of that fat burger and fries, making such junk no bargain at all. And with food costs to go up soon, due to drought, this becomes even more of a critical issue. Fuhrman says we need to move more, eat less calories, and that the calories we do eat shouldn't be empty.

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