Thursday, May 17, 2012

THE INNOCENT by David Baldacci

What do you get when you combine the plotting talents of David Baldacci with the acting chops of narrators Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy?  THE INNOCENT is another team play by these three, the last being Zero Day.  Here the action consists of a hitman named Will Robie who is hired by a government agency (like the CIA), and then, when he decides not to go through with it, becomes a target himself.  His compatriot is a 14 year old girl named Julie whose parents were murdered for mysterious reasons that lead to something much bigger. The characters are new, the plot intricate, and the climax comes in waves, like a woman's orgasm.  Is the audiobook that good? Almost. McLarty trades off Cassidy like a tag team, trading turns with the aid of occasional transitional music that never overpowers the narrative but rather enhances it with odd pulsing undercurrents.  Mostly it's solo McLarty, without effects, and he has a natural and engaging manner, whether in dialogue or exposition.  For my interview with Baldacci about McLarty go here.

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