Saturday, April 7, 2012

THINKING SMALL by Andrea Hiott

THINKING SMALL by Andrea Hiott (and read by Suzanne Toren) sounds like a History Channel special on Hitler, albeit with far more background information.  The iconic Beetle or VW Bug was designed by Ferdinand Porsche, an Austrian industrialist praised for his beautiful cars.  With backing by Hitler, who wanted a "people's car" for the masses instead of just the elite, Porsche scaled back to the essentials, and came up with a vehicle which soon conquered the worlds of advertising and finally the post war hippie generation.  Odd that this lovable vehicle should start in evil to become the choice of the free love war protesters.  Simplicity, elegance, and function---sounds like something Steve Jobs might have designed.  The entire tale is here, including the full timeline, revealing one of the most revolutionary cars of all time.

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