Wednesday, March 28, 2012

PHANTOM by Ted Bell

Alex Hawke is back, after Tsar and Warlord, in PHANTOM.  Plot involves a brazen Siberian rescue attempt against a seemingly impenetrable KGB facility, and a cyber attack against America using what may be the first artificially intelligent super computer.  (An F15 jet falls out of the sky and a Disney World ride goes awry for no apparent reason.)  Author Ted Bell uses his knowledge of internal Russian politics to craft a suspenseful scenario of war perpetrated by a regime which wants to reassert its former dominance through intimidation.  (Currently it's playing Iran as pawn, while attacking the West directly only over the internet, as is China.)  Narrator is actor John Shea, who has to be one of the most unusual readers in that he employs his considerable skills unraveling the story in a low key, almost conspiratorial tone, as though he's telling you the details over a cocktail in a dark and dangerous bar, and might be overheard.  This makes it difficult to hear in a car, so I suggest listening with earphones while doing something other than driving.  Like maybe while planting melons (domestic bombs) in a Victory garden, hoping this scenario doesn't play out in real life?  Or shopping at Wal Mart, noting all the Chinese goods flooding America (utilizing its one great weapon, cheap labor)?  An interview with Ted Bell appears at this site. Please support animal rescue and vets by purchasing from links here and at It costs no more than shopping direct. Thank you.

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