Friday, March 2, 2012

The Jesus Discovery by James D. Tabor

Archeology gold or just fool's gold?  That's the question yet to be unearthed regarding THE JESUS DISCOVERY by James D. Tabor and Simcha Jacobovici, as read on audio by the always engaging Jason Culp.  Wise men like those who attended Jesus’ birth aren't present,  while several critics claim fools have rushed in to “cash in” on Jesus’ death.  Critic Dr. Christopher Rollston said “further analysis could well shed more light on the central question raised by the current controversy. . . how did the first Christian communities emerge and manifest themselves? But the process of getting definitive answers doesn’t necessarily match the typical time frame for a television production or book project.”  Accordingly, the Discovery Channel is on board to produce a documentary on the claims.  Similar claims about tombs of Jesus' followers were made in 2007 and refuted, but with new evidence coming to light under the probing cameras there is understandably an interest in uncovering the truth.  Be aware, though, that irony may be having its say on the matter since their Yahoo video showing the discovery comes with an advertisement for ACUVUE CONTACT LENS.

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