Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Donna M. Johnson's memoir HOLY GHOST GIRL chronicles her experience as child to a mother who became evangelical evangelist David Terrell's mistress.  The book is both honest and puzzling, as the author contemplates the motives of a man whose life was an enigma.  Tent meetings across a segregated America began with harsh living conditions, as she traveled with her mother on the ministry's circuit, witnessing hell fire preaching, attempts at healing, and the odd hypocritical philosophy that made the "man of God" kneel in prayer even in private, yet justify his indiscretions at every turn.  As the ministry grew, what was formerly a struggle turned profitable, with greed and tax evasion on its heels.  Carrington MacDuffie narrates this coming of age story with appropriate naivete in her tone, as Johnson eventually broke away from the life, first with rebellion, and finally with a sense of peace, if not understanding. AWAKENING STORM HERE.

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