Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Blood Sugar Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman

In THE BLOOD SUGAR SOLUTION Dr. Mark Hyman (interviewed at this blog) says that food is what can change your metabolism for the better, improving health and limiting (or reversing) diseases like diabetes and heart disease.  Of course he means the right foods, which offer nutrition with micro nutrients in the correct combinations.  Each individual is different, and may need to be tested so that such a regimen of diet and exercise is tailored to their individual needs.  Giving up soda (Pepsi and Coke products), along with highly saturated fat foods (or limiting them to rare occasions) is also part of this plan.  Aspirin is also making news these days, but check with your doctor before using on a daily basis so that bleeding potential can be tested.  Dr. Hyman reads this book on audio himself, and it is available through Audible as a download, which makes it a perfect choice for putting on your iPod of iPhone before going walking or jogging.  Just don't stop at McDonalds or the donut shop along the way...OR ELSE.   

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