Friday, February 10, 2012

Alex Berenson AUDIOBOOKS

You begin to wonder just how bad the situation is in Afghanistan with the Taliban after hearing the well researched fictional suspense thriller THE SHADOW PATROL by Alex Berenson. Is the U.S. military somehow connected to a drug trafficking operation there?  Is the CIA really as ineffective as it seems?  Berenson's character John Wells is sent to investigate the situation after a trusted Jordanian doctor turns out to be a double agent and blows himself up, along with some of the station's senior officers.  The culpability of an American in what has become our third Vietnam falls under scrutiny in this novel (one of over 800 so far) narrated by veteran reader George Guidall.  As usual, Guidall is superb in guiding the narrative forward, keeping the listener engaged, and disappearing behind the story with a low key but effective tone. The latest collaboration is THE COUNTERFEIT AGENT.

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