Monday, February 13, 2012

Winning the Lottery - How Does It Feel?

A Powerball win of $590 million was made recently at a grocery store in Florida. What would it feel like if you won? In The Instant Celebrity Howard Rosen wins $500 million and change, after taxes, and disappears the moment after picking up his check because he intends to be famous for more than just 15 minutes.  Then he hires the tabloid reporter who finds him, and finances a coup attempt against a corrupt Caribbean island dictator so he can emerge a hero.  Partly based on a true story, the story is set in Miami and the Grenadines, with George Clooney, Lady Gaga, and Jimmy Buffett in cameo roles.  The ebook version is available at Amazon and iTunes, and the audiobook version as "Fame Island" is at Audible, narrated by Emmy winning actor Kristoffer Tabori.  "Break out the popcorn, and invite your friends!" --Audiobook Cafe  "You have to grin when you hear Johnstone explain how Rosen won the lottery—with his first ticket purchase ever. Johnstone is played to a tee by actor Kristoffer Tabori.” --Audiofile


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