Friday, January 13, 2012

LUNATICS by Dave Barry

If "absurd" and "zany" are adjectives you want to describe a comic novel, LUNATICS by Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel may be just the ticket.  They also read the novel on audio, along with Mark Thompson, Sean Kenin, and Orlagh Cassidy.  The plot concerns a pet shop owner and "forensic plumber" whose crossed paths and silly misadventures led to them becoming international criminals being sought by police.  Into the soup are thrown a kidnapped lemur, arguments over politics and fashion, Donald Trump's hair, and just about every etiquette malfunction and bathroom joke you can imagine.  The story is lobbed back and forth between the two like an explosive tennis ball you can't take your eyes from, utilizing short chapters alternately delivered.  Everyone knows Barry as a longtime newspaper humor columnist, while Zweibel is an Emmy winning TV comedy writer (SNL to Curb Your Enthusiasm.)  They play opposites here, for effect, but are essentially equal in their wish to tickle the same targeted funny bone. 

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