Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TOMB OF THE GOLDEN BIRD by Elizabeth Peters

Looking back in time instead of forward, Elizabeth Peters has her own Tomb Raider-style franchise going, with a collection of historical mysteries featuring the eccentric Emersons.  In TOMB OF THE GOLDEN BIRD Radcliffe and Amelia go in search of a treasure in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, while their rivals--Lord Carnarvon and Carter--discover King Tut's tomb.  But of course all such discoveries are said to have curses, and so when an odd group of villains begin to demand the location of a mysterious "someone" who has been lost, Amelia must think beyond her own predicament to avoid a regional war.  Best thing about this audiobook, though, is narrator Barbara Rosenblat, the most talented female reader in the business.  She could breathe life into a rusty nail, if she had too.  Not that there's anything rusty in this series, just adventure, wit, and wisdom from an author boasting a Ph.D. in Egyptology, and a Grand Master award from the Mystery Writers of America.

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