Sunday, November 20, 2011


THE HISTORY OF WESTERN ART is a broad view of art history by Renaissance man Peter Whitfield, who covers the subject from ancient times to the modern dilemma of defining what art is.  An intriguing connection between past ideals & beliefs, and our current estrangement from the natural world is discussed, as modern deconstruction has led us into a box canyon of perpetual revolution without agreed upon parameters.  It's all covered in four CDs, from Greek & Roman & Christian art to Baroque, Romantic, Impressionism and Avant-Garde (and including commentary on architecture, architects, and artists), and is read by Sebastian Comberti, with classical music accompaniment. An interesting history to accompany this is the book on which the movie MONUMENTS MEN was based, by Robert M. Edsel.

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  1. True saying,,Western Art style, grotesques were converted into lines, curves, and bands, all the while flirting safely with imaginary, fantasy, and game playing.