Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Cold Vengeance of Tricky DICK CHENEY

COLD VENGEANCE is the latest novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.  Read by Rene Auberjonois, it reintroduces FBI agent Pendergast in an intriguing tale of revenge with a twist involving his supposedly dead wife.  Was his marriage a lie?  As always, narrator Auberjonois (seen on Deep Space Nine) is skilled at presenting each revelation as though it were new. For an interview with Child, check the list at this blog.  THE MURDER OF JIM FISK FOR THE LOVE OF JOSIE MANSFIELD is the true story of "Jubilee" Jim, a New York financier who was shot dead in the Grand Central Hotel in 1872, after attempting to corner the gold market. His undoing? His attraction to a showgirl.  Other characters in this tale of greed and graft include Boss Tweed, Jay Gould, and Cornelius Vanderbilt.  The short book is first of an American Portraits series, and is read by Richard McGonagle. James Gleick's latest is CHAOS--Making a New Science, about the 21st Century's latest addition to relativity and quantum mechanics--chaos theory, including how it might be possible to control the weather.  It's read by Rob Shapiro.

Then there's Dick Cheney's attempt at revisionist history, IN MY TIME, which is just as biased as was Bush's and Clinton's books.  (Ex politicians always want to be remembered as something other than how they will be remembered.  Unfortunately for them all, history has a way of getting to the truth, in the end.)  Edward Herrmann narrates.

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