Monday, October 15, 2018

Ship for Brains by Brian David Bruns

SHIP FOR BRAINS book 2 by Brian David Bruns. Was at first confused by this title. Thought it was a memoir. The author has vast experience working on cruise ships, with all the inside stories about murders, rapes, dumped waste, tax evasion, buffet gluttons, gambling, excursions, missing passengers... But then you realize that it’s mostly humor, and that Bruns was a finalist in a Book of the Year humor award. How much is real? Some of it, obviously. He was once an art auction seller on cruise ships, and talks about how Peter Max “paintings” are hyped and cranked out, along with others like Thomas Kinkade--who died in 2012 but is still big with prints. (One buyer paid $100,000 for a Dali print, only to learn later that it was worth $10,000.) Bruns extols the work of Picasso, who "changed art forever." Renoir and Van Gogh did too. Think of this audiobook as a bawdy Love Boat with added behind the scenes anecdotes, offbeat and ably narrated by Gary Furlong. Book 3 ebook here. And don’t miss DISTRESS SIGNALS by Catherine Ryan Howard. 100 Fathoms Below.

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