Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Rise of Lone Wolf Active Shooters

People want to know why tragic acts of murder occur, as in the Las Vegas shooting. Most mysteries concentrate of WHO, and leave out the WHY, but the only way to curb such tragedies is not to simply label them as "terrorism," especially since religious motives are not always the cause. Unparalleled research and a unique international perspective propel The Mystery of the Lone Wolf Killer, which examines the massacre in Norway and why this lone-killer phenomenon is increasing worldwide. Based on true events. “The thesis, that lone wolves can be identified only by sensitive observation by the communities within which they attempt to form connections, is believable and clearly stated. This will appeal to readers interested in criminology, sociology, and psychology.” Library Journal
“The author’s argument has wide application: namely, that by overlooking announcements of intent, in effect, that these killers often make before acting, law enforcement officials will miss the lone wolf killers among us. An urgent but evenhanded treatise that deserves a wide readership.”

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