Wednesday, March 29, 2017

PRINCE CHARLES by Sally Bedell Smith

Some surprising aspects in the life of Prince Charles and Lady Diana are revealed in the new biography PRINCE CHARLES by Sally Bedell Smith, a Vanity Fair contributor who also wrote “For Love of Politics: Bill and Hillary Clinton,” and “Elizabeth The Queen” and “Grace and Power: The Private World of the Kennedy White House.” Diana’s popularity overshadowed Charles, and had an effect to the detriment of their relationship. It quickly and quietly deteriorated. The Prince is revealed to be a narcissist prone to a few conspiracy theories (but not energy,) while the Princess was no angel (except of mercy to kids and causes.) Did they ever truly love each other, or just their kids, with whom they both found joy? What did the Queen think of all this? Did Diana really mean to say that Duran Duran was her favorite band? It is human nature to wonder about such things, which explains the popularity of the unauthorized biography. (Other examples can be cited here, such as Tom Cruise as revealed by Andrew Morton, who also wrote DIANA, and also ANGELINA.) Also covered in this intriguing audiobook is background and anecdotes involving Diana’s death, Camilla, their travels and luncheons with world leaders like George Bush, (with whom they argued about global warming), royal in-fighting, support for charities and business opportunities, William and Harry, Kate Middleton, vacations, marriages, and many other subjects. Actress and narrator Rosalyn Landor employs her natural British accent to great effect, lending the production an air of authority. Landor was in Masterpiece Theatre’s Sherlock Holmes and Rumpole of the Bailey in addition to Star Trek: The Next Generation, Jane Eyre (the movie), and many audiobooks, including some by Kate Pullinger, Jane Corry, Jane Austen, Charles Todd, and Julia Quinn. She was born in London.  

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