Monday, February 27, 2017


NPR said that Viola Davis should win a Grammy by recording an audiobook, then she would have won EGOT status: Emmy, Oscar, Tony, Grammy. Wonder if they knew she has recorded an audiobook? BLIND FAITH. This is from the description: “Although Stevland Judkins was blind virtually from birth, Lula noticed that this little boy impressed everyone with his outgoing personality, his intelligence, charm, and his incredible musical talent. Berry Gordy dubbed the boy Little Stevie Wonder and launched him into musical history when he signed Stevie to his Motown label. When Innervisions won a Grammy award for Album of the Year in 1973, Stevie Wonder refused to accept the award unless Lula walked with him to the podium where he proclaimed, ‘her strength has led us to this place.’ Indeed, it was Lula's drive and her willingness to sacrifice the now for the future that saw them through. Blind Faith is not only the story of the birth of a superstar, but a stirring testament to a mother's love.” Order HERE

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