Monday, December 21, 2015

Reclaim Your Brain by Joseph A. Annibali

RECLAIM YOUR BRAIN is a new audiobook by Dr. Joseph A. Annibali, narrated by him and Dr. Daniel Amen. It examines all aspects of psychology related to brain science, particularly depression, anxiety, ADD, OCD, PTSD, autism, bipolar disorder, and substance abuse. Particular attention is paid to the limbic system, that lower part of the brain which controls emotions. Brain activity in this region has been shown to be high on scans when someone is under duress (either physical or mental / imaginary.) This busy brain can interfere with concentration and cause much unneeded stress, and the audiobook presents methods and practices and exercises to calm the limbic system, thereby bringing back a sense of calm and normalcy (focus) to decision making. Drawing on the findings of many diverse sources, the author aids the listener in how to distance oneself from one’s thoughts, which may sound odd but thoughts are produced automatically by the brain, outside the conscious will sometimes, and these repetitive thoughts can trap people in a cycle of negativity. Recognizing that one’s thoughts do not define “who they are” is therefore important, (as was noted by Eckhart Tolle.) Living in the past or for the future solely is therefore like a living death in which one cannot see one’s life in the present (which is all we ever truly own.) Until such time as scientists discover what directs and constitutes consciousness and ego, this may be the best we can do in quelling violence and hate. So the tools that the author relates are important and well organized in this comprehensive and important self help audiobook. 
The Brain Fog Fix

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