Saturday, August 22, 2015


Audiobooks to explain the Chinese and America market connections.

ANIMAL FACTORY Pork & Beef in factory farms. Cruel and often unusual.

New audiobooks:  THE PROMISE OF HOME by DarcieChan, read by Amy Rubinate; THE LURE OF THE MOONFLOWER by LaurenWillig, narrated by Kate Reading (yes, that's her name and her job!); THE MURDERER'S DAUGHTER by JonathanKellerman, read by Kathe Mazur (most Kellerman novels are read by actor John Rubenstein, grandson of pianist Arthur Rubenstein); THE BOURBON KINGS by J.R. Ward, read by broadway and TV actor Alexander Cendese (Beauty and the Beast); THE ADMISSIONS by Meg Moore, read by Allyson Ryan (Law&Order, One Life To Live); WE NEVER ASKED FOR WINGS by Vanessa Diffenbaugh, narrated by Emma Bering (Mad About You) and Robbie Daymond; THE SOLOMON CURSE by CliveCussler, read by Scott Brick. 

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