Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A BONE TO PICK by Mark Bittman

A BONE TO PICK by Mark Bittman is a collection of essays on food and the diet by the iconic NY Times writer and author of “How to Cook Everything.” What is amazing, even today, is the ignorance people have on the subject of food processing and ingredients, given all the money poured into advertising that uses images and enticements, targeting consumers by their demographics. Food is big business, and with so much money at stake producers will say and do just about anything. When they are caught (like a recent deli chain was) they talk about “transparency” as they take away many of the artificial, shadowy inGREEDients, additives and fillers they used for years and years (unknown to consumers), expecting your good will and respect now (even as they claim the additives were not really bad at all.) Some top executives do not even consume the products they produce. Would you? Synthetic wood resin is not something you would choose to eat when you buy a deli sandwich. But if it helps their bottom line, many are willing to use it to extend shelf life, to protect taste (which is all consumers seemed to care about in the past)…so long as customers are kept in the dark and come in like lemmings after being entranced and Brandwashed on TV. The processed food aisles in grocery stores also benefit by data and studies tweaked by “scientists” on retainer by these companies. The major media don’t want to rattle the cage of these company Kongs, either, since much of their NY advertising dollars are derived by questionable food sales. Pittman bites back, as did the author of Salt Sugar Fat, read by Scott Brick (who won an award for that audiobook, and is interviewed at this site.) Robert Fass reads Bittman’s coverage of food safety, GMOs, farming, and the author says there is hope as improved education changes the system…as is already starting to happen. For a listen into how flavor in food has gotten us into trouble, and how that is to be fixed, listen to THE DORITO EFFECT by Mark Schatzker, also new. 

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