Monday, February 23, 2015

Why Audiobooks Cost More than Ebooks

It should be obvious why audiobooks cost more than ebooks, and are equivalent or more in price than hardcovers: because they cost more to produce. A professional voice actor must interpret the characters in studio, spending on average three to five days to record a book. Editing and engineering hours are added to this cost, and that's just for downloaded titles. Production of CDs for packaging employ others. Ebooks can be produced at lower cost, and while you pay extra for "name brands," the generics can be just as effective, and might surprise you. The ebook bundle shown here would cost $70 if you bought each of the books individually, but if these books were purchased on audio it might be double that price. Which is not to say there are no bargains on audio: click on the Deals link to the right bottom to see discounted audiobooks, which change weekly. The thing you may not have considered about cost is that audiobooks free you to do something OTHER than to sit in a chair and read. Audiobooks don't involve eye strain, and so you can drive, walk, cook, clean, or exercise while listening. How much is that worth to you? How many more books could you enjoy if someone did the reading for you? 

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