Wednesday, February 4, 2015

RADIOMEN by Eleanor Lerman

Another author writing cross genre is Eleanor Lerman. RADIOMEN is read by the always believable Dawn Harvey, who imbues the character of Laurie with a back fence charm. Except she's no typical neighbor, other than in speech and no nonsense attitude. The idea is to endear the listener to her way of thinking and personality so that you'll identify with her coming dilemma, which is to understand the supressed encounter she had with a space being over the radio as a child. Now she's a bartender at the Kennedy airport, and is curious about radar dishes, and goes to see a psychic to understand what on Earth (or beyond it) is troubling her. If anything. What's new and different about this (and her subsequent encounters) is the low tech aspect (radio signals), which, when combined with her believability and overall skepticism about the subject (plus the man luring her into a confessional for his own show's ratings), makes everything that happens to her seem plausible. So women listeners not typically attracted to science fiction will enjoy the story, which is never over the top, and asks more questions than it answers. Is there a linked group of aliens talking via radio waves that SETI doesn't know about yet, and do they communicate with dogs, and why would they need humans to reconnect their network? Maybe it's all a Scientology-like cult which is alluded to often (among the group of human believers who call themselves The Blue Awareness.) Was her father one of the group? Dawn Harvey will make you a believer in Laurie's own belief, living her surprise after years of denial. A charming book, well read. Click on title link to sample. 

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