Thursday, February 19, 2015

Future Crimes by Marc Goodman

FUTURE CRIMES by Marc Goodman is a riveting look at the internet of the not too distant future, when technology will have progressed to the point of instant access to accounts at all levels...your credit hacked and your money gone in the blink of a computer eye. Already billions of dollars are stolen by online scammers, but what happens when speed becomes nearly infinite, and the micro-seconds which Wall Street insiders use to their advantage gets leveraged by criminals? Asian countries enjoy much faster speeds than Americans already, and they laugh at the claims of "blazing internet" which Comcast and the like advertise, since theirs are hundreds of times faster (and also cheaper) than ours now. What happens when the U.S. catches up, and what shocking crimes are likely to follow from advancing science? This audiobook is narrated by Robertson Dean, a Broadway actor with skill and an always engaging voice, who also once acted in Star Trek Nemesis and Vanilla Sky. Goodman is founder of the Future Crimes Institute, and a former FBI and Interpol agent. He tells what must be done now in the field of security to prepare for the day, soon coming, when no computer (not even government computers) will be safe, and no password can protect you from hackers. 

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