Friday, December 26, 2014

Sugar Impact Diet and IT WAS ME ALL ALONG

It's a pretty simple thing, and nothing new. Eliminate sugar from the diet, and lose weight fast. Yeah? Well, easier said than done. Especially if you don't know the sugar content of processed foods because companies are disguising sugar with fancy names while being outright deceptive about the adverse effects which artificial sweeteners have on the body. JJ Virgin sets the record straight in THE SUGAR IMPACT DIET, as read on audio by Tara Ochs. Did you know that most ketchup contains high fructose corn syrup and a unhealthy dose of salt? Or that the so-called "healthy" option of agave sweetener is anything but? Here's a seven hour education on the subject of sugar, an audiobook whose goal is to wean listeners off the high impact blood sugar spikers toward the lower impact ones, resulting in a weight loss of ten pounds in two weeks. (More, if you sustain it.) And here you thought soda was about spreading love instead of tape measure numbers. It's all about metabolism, says Virgin. And she's no virgin in the field of fitness and nutrition. Try listening to her plan while walking or doing chores. Then cut the sugar and change your life. For more on why sugar (and not so much fat) has recently become the targeted culprit among nutrition experts, click on the Health category at this site and read even more about the science. You may never have a bagel, orange juice and coffee for breakfast again. (A PDF of meal plans is included on the last CD or download.) Hachette Audio.  A perfect companion audiobook to this is IT WAS ME ALL ALONG, a memoir by Andie Mitchell, which begins with an exquisite description of eating cake (the whole cake) at her birthday party. That was when she was younger than 20, an age she weighed 268 pounds. Her father was an alcoholic. Her classmates ridiculed her. Today she looks a bit like Bachelorette Andi Dorfman. Giving up massive quantities of sugar did it, along with moving toward balance and small portions of excellent food. She grew up in Boston, learned lessons in Rome, and now lives in New York, where she's a writer developing more healthy (lower sugar) recipes. Her powerful and candid memoir (which she reads herself on audio) includes a downloadable PDF that includes her Sour Cream Fudge cake recipe. 
The Coconut Oil Miracle

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