Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Third Man and THE REVENANT

The classic film THE THIRD MAN was written by Graham Greene, and is available as a full cast play from L.A. Theater Works on audio as well. Called the greatest British film of all time (and on many top ten lists of best films ever filmed from any country), the movie is a classic political thriller/romance that starred Orson Welles and Joseph Cotton, about a western writer who attends a friend’s funeral in Vienna after the war, only to discover that he may not be dead after all…which leads to an investigation of who “the third man” seen at the supposed accident may have been. There's an affair involving a woman who believed in a charming sociopath who secretly preys on children for profit, slipping back and forth over political boundaries in Vienna. The dialogue is given new character in this production, including the voices of Rosalind Ayers, Barry Phillips, Kelsey Grammer, Ian Abercrombie, Ethan Glazer, and others. Other Greene titles on audio are The Quiet American (made in a movie as well), The Power and the Glory, The Heart of the Matter, Brighton Rock, The Living Room, The Comedians, and The Little Fire Engine.  
ALL THE TRUTH IS OUT: The Week Politics Went Tabloid by Matt Bai is about how the Gary Hart affair changed the way the media reports political campaigns. More than this, it's the turning point for when news became entertainment, and scandals (both on and off the field) became the target of TMZ, BuzzFeed, and competing mud-slinging advertising. It's a sport now, actually...and it all started when someone snapped that photo of Hart and his mistress next to a yacht called Monkey Business. Rob Shapiro reads.

An unforgettable novel of revenge, THE REVENENT is also a major motion picture starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The year is 1823, and the trappers of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company live a brutal frontier life. Trapping beaver, they contend daily with the threat of Indian tribes turned warlike over the white men’s encroachment on their land, and other prairie foes—like the unforgiving landscape and its creatures. Hugh Glass is among the company’s finest men, an experienced frontiersman and an expert tracker. But when a scouting mission puts him face-to-face with a grizzly bear, he is viciously mauled and not expected to survive.
The company’s captain dispatches two of his men to stay behind and tend to Glass before he dies and to give him the respect of a proper burial. When the two men abandon him instead, taking his only means of protecting himself—including his precious gun and hatchet—with them, Glass is driven to survive by one desire: revenge. With shocking grit and determination, Glass sets out crawling inch by inch across more than three thousand miles of uncharted American frontier, negotiating predators both human and not, the threat of starvation, and the agony of his horrific wounds. In Michael Punke’s hauntingly spare and gripping prose, The Revenant is a remarkable tale of obsession, the human will stretched to its limits, and the lengths that one man will go to for retribution. Narrator Holter Graham, award-winning audiobook narrator, has appeared in many films, including Fly Away Home, Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive, and Hairspray. His television credits include Army WivesWastedDamages, and Law & Order, among others.

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