Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Big Fat Surprise & Free Lunch

The first is new and guaranteed to be controversial to those whose belief in a diet plan or doctor borders religious fervor. Or sports. There have just been so many diets and misinformation, with battles among food giants and the government over what is healthy, what should be subsidized, what banned, and how Medicare is going bankrupt trying to service all the new cases of diabetes and heart disease coming into the system. Finally here is the book that lays out the science of food and nutrition in a way that will be hardest of all for critics to refute. Why? Because the level of research is astonishing, and because the author is not your typical diet doctor trying to get on Dr. Oz or Oprah with a fad in order to sell copies before the jig is up and people have moved on to the next wave of nonsense. Nina Teicholz did not write this book in one year, or two, or even three. This book is TEN YEARS coming. And what is THE BIG FAT SURPRISE? That the decades old studies behind the American Medical Association's admonition that fat and dietary cholesterol is "bad" constitute bad science. Yes, you read this correctly. The claim that you should eat a low fat diet with high carbs is not supported by the evidence. So is the Atkins diet the right one? No, she's not saying that, either. Humans need vegetables, particularly green leafy vegetables. But fat is not the culprit. That would be sugar. And things that turn rapidly into sugar. Like bagels. Eggs are okay, butter is okay, meat and cheese are okay (in moderation.) What's not okay is trans-fats from processed, hydrogenated vegetable oils. If you don't believe this, you need to listen to this book, read by Erin Bennett. Bring the scientific method with you, because that's what the author did. What is that method? It involves changing one's "beliefs" based on evidence, on verifiable testing. Even Time Magazine now admits they were wrong, promoting the low fat diet. Everyone was wrong. As were financial markets prior to 2008. That's where FREE LUNCH by David Cay Johnston comes in. Right after the collapse, they released his book, which is subtitled "How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves At Government Expense and Stick You With the Bill." Another big surprise, thanks to fat cats on Wall Street, remember? Who knew?  (AUDIOBOOK OF THE MONTH)
Message from Nina: "The meat/dairy/egg industries have committed their fair share of sins, but so have the manufactured food industries as well as the companies involved in the production of unsaturated fats (the food that has increased more than any other in the 20th century, largely because we were told to replace saturated fats in animals with unsaturated fats in plants.) These companies include ADM, Monsanto, Bungee, Cargill, Procter & Gamble, Mazola, Corn Oil Products company, ETC. These companies are far bigger and more powerful. The anti-meat bias in the US has led us only to focus on the problems of one set of products. Americans ate three to four times more red meat 150 years ago than we do today. Before 1900, American housewives cooked mainly with butter and lard."

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