Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hamas Launches Suicide Rockets

When a terrorist organization fires rockets at a neighbor state out of mad rage or revenge, and that state has said they must defend itself from each attack, tit for tat (with overwhelming force), are not the rockets that they fire “suicide rockets”? What will happen when they fire dirty bombs or fission bombs? The entire Middle East may resemble a lake of glass. That is the only alternative to true compromise and true diplomacy. And it may be inevitable, once the nuclear trigger is pulled, if the insanity of radical religious zealotry is allowed to make victims of everyone. “Bow or burn” is not a model for survival, if people are willing to die rather than to reason. Exploring these options, and how we all got here, are several audiobooks on the subject. First, UNDER THE WIRE by Paul Conroy tells the story of war correspondent Marie Colvin, who was killed in a rocket attack in 2012 while reporting on suffering civilians inside Syria. The author was with her when she died. Next is MY PROMISED LAND by Ari Shavit. Read by Paul Boehmer, it tells the triumph and tragedy of Israel from the author's personal perspective. THE NUCLEAR JIHADIST is the true story of the man who sold the world’s most dangerous secrets, and how we could have stopped him. On the fiction side is VICIOUS CIRCLE by Robert Littell, read by Scott Brick. It’s a “novel of complicity” by the award winning author of Legends, The Company, and The Defection of A.J. Lewinter. Then there’s THE RED HORSEMAN by Stephen Coonts, read by Ben Darcie, and ICE COLD, tales of intrigue from the Cold War by various authors including Joseph Finder, Laura Lippman, and Sara Paretsky, as edited by Jeffery Deaver. And ACT OF WAR by Brad Thor, published this week and read by Armand Schultz…with China as the attackers here. And Tom Clancy's latest from the grave is SUPPORT AND DEFEND, written by Mark Greaney and read by Scott Brick. Of course there are the costs of war, too...try the visionary WASHINGTON RULES: America’s Path to Permanent War by former Col. Andrew Bacevich. Or DRIFT by Rachel Maddow. But if you’d rather hear about Kris Kardashian talking about golf and life in the glamour lane, (isn’t that what our culture tweets about to escape news of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars wasted in religious wars?) her book ALL THINGS KARDASHIAN is now available on sale. 

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