Wednesday, July 9, 2014

GO WILD by John J. Ratey

GO WILD by John J. Ratey MD, and Richard Manning presents the argument that modern diseases result from the agricultural expansion of rice, wheat, corn, and potatoes. When man went from hunter/gatherer to farmer, starch slowly grew in the diet, and people didn’t need to move as much. Waistline growth in our modern times go hand-in-hand with autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and cardio-vascular disease. This results, say the authors, from too many empty calories instantly available without any effort at all. Fat and protein is not the problem that too much sugar from carbs is. This in depth look at all diets is ultimately pro Paleo diet, which says that the human species did not evolve to properly digest grains or processed foods. It is pro seeds and nuts, anti salt and dairy. It is anti-gluten, pro raw fruit and vegetables. It is pro water, anti anything else you can drink. The authors expand from just diet as well, into philosophy (including meditation), exercise (particularly running), community connection (versus TV/social media), and sleep. Dan Woren narrates, and the audiobook includes a forward by Dr. David Perlmutter, author of GRAIN BRAIN. Whatever your take on the various points made, it is well worth exploring since it is also pro-science, anti-pop diet (and anti soda pop to boot.)

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