Friday, July 18, 2014


BILLIONAIRE BLEND by Cleo Coyle is the latest of an offbeat series of coffeehouse mysteries, this one involving an internet billionaire who is aided (after a car bomb nearly kills him) by Landmark Coffee’s manager Clare Cosi. He buys her an expensive espresso machine as a thank you, and then hires her to help him create the world’s most expensive coffee blend. The perfect mystery for coffee lovers, this plot (and quirky narration by Rebecca Gibel) reminded me of the paring of Janet Evanovich and Lorelei King in the Stephanie Plum bounty hunter series. As Evanovich always said, “I love getting up in the morning with my cup of coffee and going into the world of Plum.” There’s also a lot of Dunkin donuts and Tim Hortons coffee involved with Plum. Of course Dunkin Donuts coffee was surprisingly rated last in a taste test by the winner of the World Barista Championship. “So bad I had to spit it out,” he said. Rated highest (among commonly available coffees) was Gloria Jeans and Newman’s Own.

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