Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Transcendence 2: The Nexus Ultimatum

Transcendence the movie failed at the box office because its script failed. With a muddy story and a typical "Hollywood" ending, it had to fail. But the initial premise was visionary, as critics admitted. They felt sad that Hollywood would return to their overworked killer robot theme, a la Terminator and Transformers. But what if the story ended another way, with the premise fully extended? In TRANSCENDENCE 2: THE NEXUS ULTIMATUM an artificial intelligence arises in a quantum computer lab, and plots world domination. That much is cliché. But this A.I. hasn't the ego that Hollywood scriptwriters and directors do, and why would it? It is soon a million times as intelligent and powerful as we are, and intends to save us from ourselves…and the planet too. The ultimatum that it offers is do or die, and Dr. Adrian Bonner has been chosen to tell the world. Will they listen? This new audiobook production is performed by a great voiceover artist, Christopher Vournazos. (Author article on astronomy HERE.) 

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