Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to Fight Presidents

Leave it to Daniel O'Brien of Cracked fame to take America's obsession with cage fighting and violent confrontations of all kinds, and to write a book about it related to dead presidents. Like those on the faces of our dwindling-in-value dollars. His goal is to show, not how wise Washington or Jefferson was, or how their policies or philosophy might save us today, but rather whether they could beat each other (or you) in a fistfight or rumble. You'll learn a lot of arcane things about minor presidents you didn't know in HOW TO FIGHT PRESIDENTS, but mostly how they'd do without the powdered wigs on, hand to hand, knuckle to chin. More bizarre fun can be had in KNOWN KNOWLEDGE by the satirical writers at The Onion, who just called the FIFA World Cup "a month-long ad for Coca-Cola." Truth hurts. So do belly laughs, under the repeated blows of humor, especially if you just can't stop.
Found a TWIG in my bag of pistachio nuts at the movies. Makes you wonder about quality control. Are we all nuts? 

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