Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wheat Belly by William Davis

Dr. William Davis is a preventive cardiologist, and has a website called Track Your Plaque. His book WHEAT BELLY focuses on the hazards of gluten found primarily in wheat. The wheat that we eat today is genetically not the same wheat as a hundred years ago, and it has inflammatory effects on the human body. If there is a bigger and more expensive lie than the "low fat diet," he says, it is the accompanying health ruse "whole grain food." If you read this book, together with BRANDWASHED, you'll come to see that the both the fast food and the processed food industries are married, and follow the joint battle plan of "us against the world" (with consumers being the world.) Many weekly paychecks are directly linked to maintaining these lies, and this includes those in the media, (which is why your TV newscaster is forbidden to talk about this.) "Eat more whole grains" is also the recommendation of the Department of Agriculture, which subsidizes the growing of wheat. But wheat (whether with more fiber like whole wheat or not) still spikes blood glucose (leading to possible diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cataracts, acid reflux, cancers), causes more weight gain than eating lean meat, and sets you up for neurological disorders in addition to whether you have celiac disease or not. Between sections discussing the science behind how the body processes food, Davis relates a series of startling case studies of people who gave up wheat and lost weight while clearing up various disorders. The good news is that giving up wheat is the best and fastest way to lose weight and to slow aging from AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products), the bad news is that wheat or gluten containing foods are everywhere. They are in cookies, crackers, breads, bagels, cereals, beer, salad dressings, candy bars, hot dogs, even flavored coffees and teas. The audiobook version is narrated by Tom Weiner for Blackstone Audio, and includes a PDF containing a list of gluten containing foods, and gluten free recipes. Another title with similar findings and recipes is GRAIN BRAIN by Dr. David Perlmutter, an audiobook narrated by Peter Ganim that shows how neurological diseases (including dementia, epilepsy, depression, and ADHD) are directly related to eating bread gluten, and sugar forming foods that spike inflammation. Soda, fruit juice, rice, white potatoes? Forget about it if you want to reduce your chance of getting Alzheimer's.

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